Why is an EVO App the Best Option?

YOU Keep The Profit

We do not take a penny from any sales like other content platforms. You own your content 100%


Unlike other app builders with far less features, we DO NOT charge you for more users OR downloads.

Built In Sales Funnel

Designed with a complete sales and marketing funnel for you to create superfans with.

Tech Support

Complete support Help Desk with and Customer Support Tickets.

Save Money

You dont have to pay for a seperate eCommerce Platform, SMS Messaging Service, Loyatly Rewards Software, Membership Platform, Marketing Material, Form Creators, Sales Funnel Creators, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and you keep all your profit.

YOUR Brand

100% branded for you. Fans will search for you in the app store. NOT EVO.

UNLIMITED Push Notifications

Unlike other SMS and Push Notification servers, we DO NOT charge you for more messages sent.

Marketing Material

The built in Promotional Kit Builder allows you to make marketing material quick and easy.

We Build, You Manage

We build your app and continue helping you make it as valuable as possible.

Time Saving Automation

By syching your events, photos, videos, and more, you will NOT need to worry about another platform to manage daily.

Custom Design

No cookie cutter templates as seen with the other “build your own app” services. Your app is custom designed to match your brand.


Unlike other marketing platforms. we DO NOT charge you to unlock more advanced features or integrations.

Marketing Support

We are here to help you run your band like a business.

More Integration

More 3rd Party Integrations to connect all of your content. Including unlimted embeded website pages with SSL.

Software Updates

We are always improving and EVOlving and running 99.7% glitch free!

What is that monthly hosting fee for?
Hosting an app isn’t free.  We have to pay for servers, bandwidth, maintenance, developers, and all the cost associated with that.
What if we decide we don't like it?
Your one-time payment is 100% refundable.  Just let us know. No problems, no hassles, no jumping through hoops.
Is the platform proven and reliable?
This is the same platform my company uses to create, host and maintain the 1000’s of apps I have made for all the small businesses. 

It is not experimental, it is rock solid.

 Small businesses across the country count on it working every day, so you know you can too.

How long will it take to create?
Around 3 weeks  Yup in less than 3 weeks you can have your own custom app.

  1.       Once payment is made and we are able to gather your information it will take 3-6 business days to create your design.
  2.       Then you will be able to download it and check it out on your phone.
  3.       If you are happy with your design you simply confirm and we start the 7-14 day process of publishing to the Apple and Google stores.

Then we show you exactly how to use all the features, as well as how to manage and monetize your fans through your new mobile app.