Monthly Recurring Revenue Business Model for Creating Passive Income

Use the same business model that allows other content creators LIKE Podcasters, Bloggers, coaches and influencers of all kinds, to fund their lives with their Passions

Bands traditionally make their money by performing, selling music, and pushing merchandise. It’s a lot of fun, but the money isn’t a sure thing each month. That has always been one of the downsides of being an artist.

It is also why most musicians don’t even think it’s possible to “make it” anymore and become contempt with their day jobs. They need that steady paycheck to live so it is understandable.

Members only music. Record a special song just for them. Unpublished originals, acoustic versions, covers.
A music player that streams ALL of your music for free.
Signed CD’s or memorabilia like drumsticks, guitar picks, or merchandise. Or anything else your fans would love!
Use a Private YouTube Playlist to stream your events LIVE to your fans private channel.
Members only practice and recording studio sessions. Live stream your practices and recording sessions to bring your fans into the entire process.
A private live stream wall of all your fans and you to text.
USE YOUR IMAGINATION! You know your fans better than anyone. Be creative and come up with special content of any kind thats ONLY for them. EXAMPLE: Create a poll to let fans near your next show pick your songs for your set list.

Starting Small

  • Charge your fans $5 a month.
  • 100 fans X $5 a month = $500 a month.
  • 100 fans X $10 a month = $1,000 a month.

Got More Fans?

  • Charge your fans $7.95 a month to be one of your INSIDERS.
  • 1000 fans X $7.95 a month = $7,950.00 a month.
  • $ 7,950.00 X 12 months = $95,400.00 a year.
  • Your membership alone has made you almost $100,000.00

The Membership Feature of your App, will make it possible.

The Membership Feature of the app is by far the most powerful way for your band to make money and turn your fans into SUPER FANS. It is also the way for you to get that consistent deposit into your account month after month.

Set up a fan club, or group of insiders and invite your fans to join for a small monthly fee. In exchange for becoming members, you give them things that all true fans love to get from their favorite groups but also engage with them one a whole new level.